Activities for Elders
Providing older people with a chance to meet, enjoy social activities and a healthy lunch twice a week.

Ascension Lunch Club
The Ascension Lunch Club is a wonderful initiative that was first established in 1997 (then under the auspices of the Ascension Church Centre), and is aimed at local elders aged over 50 years. It aims to empower the elderly, disabled, and lonely providing the opportunity for elders to socialise with each other, and interact with other members of the community.

The aim is achieved by providing a wholesome 3 course meal (taking into account any dietary and multi-cultural needs) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at an affordable price for all local residents over 50 weeks/ year with transport provision, as well as providing seasonal lunches and entertainment.

After lunch community activities like Tea Dance, Keep fit exercises, Short Mat Bowls, Ball room dancing are provided to the users aiming to keep the elders fit and happy.

Empowerment is provided by giving opportunities for elders to volunteer with many duties, participating in decision-making processes, and providing simple hospitality to some of their peers who may be feeling vulnerable.

Stay Well Healthy Living Activities
ACT is part of The Stay Well Healthy Living Network which is a partnership of organisations in Newham running a range of activities, training courses and events for people over the age of 50.

Activities taking place under this scheme include

Stay Well activities
Dance classes, tai chi, cooking classes, healthy eating demonstrations, day trips, chair-based exercise, and arts and crafts sessions are offered to those living in the southern half of Newham.

Healthy living courses
Courses are run by the Newham Food Access Partnership, based at East Potential, and offer tips and advice on living a healthier lifestyle. Learning is provided in a comfortable atmosphere and is tailored to the group’s individual needs.

Lunch clubs
Lunch clubs are places where people can get together and have a healthy meal. The Stay Well Healthy Living Network aims to support lunch clubs to include healthy living activities and can also assist new or developing lunch clubs across Newham.

Networking events give older people a chance to demonstrate their activities and achievements, socialise with different communities, and learn more about topics including fairtrade and healthy living. These events will enable networking between different organisations and will support staff and volunteers to develop new skills

Activities happening at ACT for The Stay Well Healthy Living Network

Tuesday : 1.30-3.30pm, Club tea dance

Thursday : 1.30- 3.30pm Short mat bowls
                  1.30-3.30pm Reminiscence club