Area of Operation
The Ascension Community Trust operates in the Royal Docks area of the East End of London, in the southern part of the London Borough of Newham. This is an Urban Priority Area with high unemployment, a high percentage of young people with relatively few amenities or opportunities for guidance, and a higher than average percentage of pensioners who live alone.

The area contains groups classified as ‘Hard to Reach,’ as evidenced by recent attempts by the local Voluntary Sector Consortium to find ways of making significant contact with them. According to the ‘Canning Town/Custom House and Family Life Today Report’ produced by Aston Charities, the ‘…figures on all the usual indicators show that [the area] continues to be a deprived area in a deprived borough…single parent and pensioner households mean an experience of poverty and social exclusion for far too many people.’

Management structure
The Trust has a Board of Trustees of 6 members, 4 of whom must be people local to the area of the Trust’s operation. The remaining 2 are co-opted for their expertise in areas of finance, and communication and marketing.

A Program Director oversees the management and fundraising of the various projects.